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My Empathic Self

I cry for you. Real tears of anguish and pain. My heart hurts and my soul is in a state of unrest. The emotion is real, the pain is there, the sentiment is true. I feel myself sinking deeper into the abyss hand in hand, falling side by […]


FEAR!!! The overwhelming sensation that causes alarm, panic, agitation, anxiety, and worries over something or someone that you feel will cause harm. This sensation, this feeling, this emotion, whatever you want to call it; can protect you if you trust your gut when there is a true threat. […]

Be The Difference

Tonight I am sharing a video that I might have shared in the past already. However, I have never highlighted it as the main feature of an article. I have taken the time to put a call to action message in this video. I am so tired of […]


Spirit came to us and blessed us with his presence for only three days. A wolf mix, he was full of light and energy like no other and his SPIRIT just could not be tamed. We first fell in love with Spirit on a spur of the moment trip […]

Tim Horton’s Debacle

  In today’s fast-paced world it is not hard to come across poor customer service once in a while. No human is perfect and mistakes happen. What matters is how these mistakes are handled especially when customer service is involved. In my day and age growing up, we were taught the […]