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Thirsty tiny flying, blood sucking vampires Plaguing my little neighborhood right now Clouds and clouds of hungry vicious beasts Day and night, night and day on the prowl Parasites of prey piercing for pleasure Attacking anything that moves or gets in sight Nothing off limits, sacred, left untouched […]

Concrete Walls

The art of destruction Is something well learned The sound of me breaking Has never been heard So take your many secrets And hide them really well Your valentines day is over You’ve got nothing left to sell My concrete walls are sturdy You are never getting in […]

Mother Earth’s Breaking Point

Like a bridge or building with very distinct weight limits, Mother Earth cries out under the pressure we place upon her, Her soil now giving way to massive cracks and sinkholes, Thunderous storms, floods, and phenomenon occur, Tears rain down as water, lava, fire, and hail, Her moods grow impatient as […]

I’m a genius of Self-deprecating art

It’s so easy to have self-doubts When you’re alone and lonely All those negative emotions Just find a way out The human soul’s such a fragile thing Each new experience that comes to pass Leaves fragmented pieces scattered about It’s a crapshoot if we get through it intact […]

Daily Prompt – Simplify

via Daily Prompt: Simplify Simplify Reducing down these thoughts in my head that overwhelm and take control Self-doubt manifests in daily decisions Leaving scars to mark my soul I render my thoughts to the reasons why I allow this self-doubt to creep in Pausing for a moment I take […]

Winter’s Chill

The morning air filled with a piercing shrill, As Winter’s wind smites the earth with her chill, Dancing snowflakes plummet from the sky, People peering out the windows, sigh. Mother Nature covers the ground with skill, Rooftops, fields, and roads all foot the bill. This December blizzard mystifies, […]


Memories I failed to take any photos of my yesterday and today as well. Other than in my head where those memories reside, I shall have no physical proof barring the stories I tell. Tucked away ever so neatly in a section of my brain they hide, I […]

Earthly Beauty (Audio)

Though I sit here all alone, In a  peaceful setting Surrounded by the mornings’ dew Not an utterance of words will I moan. This earthly wonder out on loan, For all here to enjoy As flora and fauna abound From Mother Natures gentle hand has grown. For no […]

God’s Grace (Audio)

God’s Grace By: Tonya Ross 6-25-08 Through it all God’s grace, …….is walking with me. When I am battered and torn, …..all I want to do is morn, When I am as low as can be, …..slumped under a tree, When I feel all alone, ………as empty as […]