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A Touch of Light

Chapter 2   Upon feeling the car stop and listening to her mother’s movements as she put it in park and turned the car off, Onix quickly removed her seatbelt and jumped out of the car. Not wanting to prolong the awkward silence in the car between her […]


via Daily Prompt: Sympathize Sympathize SYmpathize SYMpathize symPathize symPAthize symPAThize symPATHize! Sympathize = The path to understanding the emotional state of a fellow human being and what they are going through good or bad, happy or sad. The key to successful human contact between two parties. The PATH to […]

I Am Back

After several months of dealing with a TBI/Concussion and lots of therapy, I am finally able to sit at the computer and write again without getting a migraine. This excites me because being a writer and not being able to write is horrible. I have missed being here […]

The Old Are Still Young

Take a walk with me into the sunny day. We will take our shoes off and enjoy the grass beneath our feet. To lollygag, dance and joyfully meander, out in the open air. Freeing ourselves from daily routines leaving our cares behind. Let us worry not for what we […]

OH The Bees…

The day started out as any other. I completed my morning routine in record time, delivered my daughter to school came home and busied myself cleaning house. Had everything done by mid afternoon. After a short late lunch break, I had decided I would also tackle the task […]

Blogging Milestones

  Today, I hit not one but two different milestones in my blogging world. Thanks to all of my wonderful followers and readers I have hit 200 total likes and I have posted 100 blog posts. That is an average of 2 likes per post. Being a new […]

My Take On Apple Crisp

So a long time ago, like over 7 years ago, I went through a huge homemade baking kick. I was tired of just following other people’s recipes and never getting it right. I was really good at forgetting at least one very important ingredient, over baking, under baking, […]

Oh the Flea

UPDATE: The spray WORKS!!!  I am currently dealing with a flea problem in my house. It is a mild one, not bad thank goodness. But the annoying little buggers just won’t go away. Because I have so many allergies, I cannot spray my house with store bought flea […]