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Daily Prompt – Encrusted

The wind howled and roared like a freight train forging ahead. Picking up speed as it barreled down on the little town in the distance. Warning sirens blared as people took flight to seek out shelter.  In a matter of minutes, the entire ground was encrusted with debris. […]

Daily Prompt – Simplify

via Daily Prompt: Simplify Simplify Reducing down these thoughts in my head that overwhelm and take control Self-doubt manifests in daily decisions Leaving scars to mark my soul I render my thoughts to the reasons why I allow this self-doubt to creep in Pausing for a moment I take […]

Picture Perfect

The Daily Post Prompt: Gate So I know I already posted a story using today’s Gate prompt with a short fictional story. However, there is another lighter story (also fictional) that just insists on being shared.   Err… err… err… err… err… err… The sound of the old rickety cast […]


via Daily Prompt: Bumble As defined by the Urban Dictionary. brumble “Brumble” is a combination of the words bramble and mumble. It refers to a confusing and prickly mess of poorly articulated information dished out by peoplewho really should know better, and can therefore said to be mumbling incoherently when asked to explain […]

JSW Prompt 7-10-17

JSW Prompt 7-10-17 The fog was coming in too thick and too fast for Sequoia’s liking. She knew she had to reach the top of the tower before it overcame her. Why did she ever think leaving the comfort of this tower was a good idea? In a […]