Hello and welcome to my new COMMUNITY POOL page!

This community pool got started June 1, 2018, due to WP closing down the community pool that they ran for all of us bloggers here on WP. I totally understand their need to move forward in this ever-changing and evolving online world we find ourselves in. However, this left a lot of us bloggers floundering and wondering what we were going to do to keep in contact with each other or find new and exciting blogs to follow, while also spreading the word about our blogs and trying to gain followers.

I am honored to be amongst the many bloggers who are stepping up to take the reigns over from WP and continue where they are leaving off. There are many, many bloggers who have stepped up to run various daily prompts. Therefore, I have chosen to just open up a COMMUNITY POOL.

Please be patient with me as I traverse this new territory and learn the ropes.

Every Friday, I will post something new on this page. I would love to see all of you leave your comments on that weekly post with these items:

  1. Your blog’s name and a pingback or link to your blog’s homepage so we can all find you.
  2. What got you started in the blogging world?
  3. What is your blog about?

Together, I feel we can keep the community pool going! Enjoy