Falling Tears (Audio)

  Falling Tears By: Tonya Ross I can’t stop crying And I can’t explain why, These tears are falling, My hands cover my eyes. Wet salty drops Fall onto the desk, As weeping commences, My heart is heavy in my chest. Feeling a great loss, As alone I […]

Left In Peace

I held a contest on my Poems page on Facebook to name this poem. The winner’s name is listed. Left In Peace Written by: Tonya Ross Named by: Jenni Sumner I will not beg and plead, Nor scold or yell or brew, I will not search and seek, […]

Becomming Friends

Becomming Friends By: Tonya Ross 3-1-12 We did not really talk, When we were in school. A nod, a wave, a smile n’ such, Man, I guess I was a fool. We connected again, After all of these years, Becomming fast friends, As it surly appears. So happy […]

It’s In The Attitude

It’s In The Attitude By: Tonya Ross 3-7-12 Always waiting, …..For the other shoe to drop. One foot out the door, …..Past burdens carried atop. Waiting for disaster to strike, …..As it surly always does. Bracing myself, …..Nothing is as it was. Wrapping myself up, …..In a blanket […]

No Simple Solution

No Simple Solution By: Tonya Ross What do you do, When you know you’ve been lied too? When the pain is so bad, It hurts you through and through. You can pretend only so long, Wearing a smile instead of a frown. Your heart breaking inside, As you […]

A Princess

My beautiful daughter wrote this one. A Princess By: Cibila Ross Age 9 Her eyes are big and blue, they are as bright as day. If you look at them, they will bring you no dismay. Her hair is shiny gold, it has a gleaming touch. If you […]


Forever By: Tonya Ross 4-4-12 Forever means so many things A thought, a dream, a hope, A chance to spread your wings. Timeless moments never ending Shared with joy, peace and love, All worth remembering. The past, the present and the future All combined as one, For pleasures […]

One Great Love

One Great Love By: Tonya Ross 4-10-12 Love is but a memory, Hidden deep within my brain. I am forever burdened, By this constant pain. The loss of such emotions, Is tearing me apart. I am just wishing for a way, To fill this hole in my heart. […]

This Is Me

This Is Me By: Tonya Ross 4-18-2012 This is me, Always has been, Always will be. Today is no different, Tomorrow will be more of the same. I care deep from the soul, So that you may never doubt me. I give generously of my own free will, […]

The Candle

The Candle By: Tonya Ross  8-15-12 Standing mere inches from the peak Tall and erect, Like a beacon in the night. It waits patiently For the moment of ignition and recognition. It was created for this moment Born of a thought to light the way. Its fibers are […]