Forever By: Tonya Ross 4-4-12 Forever means so many things A thought, a dream, a hope, A chance to spread your wings. Timeless moments never ending Shared with joy, peace and love, All worth remembering. The past, the present and the future All combined as one, For pleasures […]

One Great Love

One Great Love By: Tonya Ross 4-10-12 Love is but a memory, Hidden deep within my brain. I am forever burdened, By this constant pain. The loss of such emotions, Is tearing me apart. I am just wishing for a way, To fill this hole in my heart. […]

This Is Me

This Is Me By: Tonya Ross 4-18-2012 This is me, Always has been, Always will be. Today is no different, Tomorrow will be more of the same. I care deep from the soul, So that you may never doubt me. I give generously of my own free will, […]

The Candle

The Candle By: Tonya Ross  8-15-12 Standing mere inches from the peak Tall and erect, Like a beacon in the night. It waits patiently For the moment of ignition and recognition. It was created for this moment Born of a thought to light the way. Its fibers are […]

I Sit And Think

I Sit And Think By: Tonya Ross 12/2011 I sit and think of what A forever love would be One that lasts and stands The test of time and will not flee I sit and think of all the trials and the pain The give and take of […]

Triumphant Ending

Triumphant Ending By: Tonya Ross 3-25-12 Your words and actions, Do not move in unison. Your heart and mind, Seem to have no fusion. I fill your void, But never completely. Jumping at your call, Treasuring those moments Ever so sweetly. Our bodies join, In a silent foray. […]

It’s In The Attitude

It’s In The Attitude By: Tonya Ross 3-7-12 Always waiting, …..For the other shoe to drop. One foot out the door, …..Past burdens carried atop. Waiting for disaster to strike, …..As it surly always does. Bracing myself, …..Nothing is as it was. Wrapping myself up, …..In a blanket […]


Today By: Tonya Ross 2-27-12 Beep, Beep, Beep, The alarm goes off, I raise my head, With a yawn and a stretch, I climb out of bed. I stumble to the bathroom, To complete my morning routine, While waiting for the coffee, To get my daily dose of […]

Have You

Have You By: Tonya Ross 6/8/14 Have you walked with me Have you talked with me Have you tried on any of my shoes Have you felt the punch that left this bruse Have you looked through my eyes Have you heard all my cries Have you stood […]

Never Ending Story

Never Ending Story By: Tonya Ross This is a never ending story Just for you and I Simple little pleasures Bringing tears to my eyes. Hidden little glances Given from afar A wink, a giggle, a windblown kiss All tightly bottled in a jar. Mounting expectations Building within […]