Unbroken Spirit

Unbroken Spirit By: Tonya Ross©2015 In a world so full of pain I wander aimlessly through the rain Stubbing my toes as I go Planting seeds to watch them grow Taking in all the wonderous sites Processing them with equeal rights Emotions bubble over inside of me Causing […]

Today I Woke Up

Today I Woke Up ©Tonya Ross 2015 Today, I woke up, In a bed to hold my weary bones, on a pillow to hold my tired head, Under a blanket to warm my skin and in a room safe within, Today, I woke up! Today, I woke up, […]

I Wonder When

I Wonder When By: Tonya Ross ©2015 Maybe it is my mid-life crisis To wonder when, So many seasons have come and gone But life can start again. We live and learn through trial and error Experience is a must, To grow and learn in all we do […]

Mothers and Their Children

Mothers and Their Children A mother’s love starts the moment they get the news they are pregnant. They give up things their children will never understand or know. Just in order to allow their baby to grow healthy inside of them. They go through tremendous pain during labor. […]


Dream By: Tonya Ross 1/11/14 Dream not with your eyes shut Late at night in slumber When the world is dark And shadows lumber. Dream not an imaginary world Where there is no truth For a soul to see Barring physical proof. Dream not of things That can’t […]

Triumphant Ending

Triumphant Ending By: Tonya Ross 3-25-12 Your words and actions, Do not move in unison. Your heart and mind, Seem to have no fusion. I fill your void, But never completely. Jumping at your call, Treasuring those moments Ever so sweetly. Our bodies join, In a silent foray. […]


UNTITLED By: tonya ross In the dark I sit again This time listening to the hum of the fan As night turns to day. Another of many sleepless nights Which seem to encompass me Cloaking my body as a blanket Yet refusing to keep me warm. Wondering why […]

Status Quo

Status Quo By: Tonya Ross I shall write my life away Smartphone in hand No matter where I go Social networks demand Updates of my life Which shoes should I wear? Did you see that video? Of the government beware… Funny things are happening I must constantly watch […]

Never Ending Story

Never Ending Story This is a never ending story Just for you and I Simple little pleasures Bringing tears to my eyes. Hidden little glances Given from afar A wink, a giggle, a windblown kiss All tightly bottled in a jar. Mounting expectations Building within Hoping for something […]