Appalled at My Government Policy

I typically stay out of politics. I rarely discuss my viewpoints with anyone. I have no party affiliation and have only voted a handful of times in my adult life. I LOVE my country, I want to make that perfectly clear. But I detest, absolutely detest what my […]

BUT … BUt … But … but …

This one little three letter word carries an immense amount of meaning behind it.  I would but … I am overwhelmed. I can but … rejection would hurt too much. I will but … I hate the thought of it. It can’t hurt but … I don’t think […]

LIFE = A cook in a kitchen

Life tends to be like a cook in a kitchen. The simplest blandest and most tasteless meals are boxed microwave dinners, that take only seconds to make. All the greatest and most delicious meals, take time to simmer for that robust flavor to shine through and start… by […]


Retrospective- Last Daily Prompt Ah… Oh… NOoooo… The very last daily prompt! Such a scary transition into nothingness. The daily prompts have been a huge part of so many blogs. My heart speeds as sweat forms on my forehead. My fingers shake as they press each key while […]


Thirsty tiny flying, blood sucking vampires Plaguing my little neighborhood right now Clouds and clouds of hungry vicious beasts Day and night, night and day on the prowl Parasites of prey piercing for pleasure Attacking anything that moves or gets in sight Nothing off limits, sacred, left untouched […]

Concrete Walls

The art of destruction Is something well learned The sound of me breaking Has never been heard So take your many secrets And hide them really well Your valentines day is over You’ve got nothing left to sell My concrete walls are sturdy You are never getting in […]

Mindfulness Within Me

In recent years, we hear the word “Triggered” used all the time. This is an example of people living in their emotional mindset. They hear or see something and claim being triggered in an emotionally negative way.

My Writing Journey

From the tender age of elementary school where childhood eyes gaze upon the world in wonder as they discover their surroundings. To the tumultuous life of a teenager bearing the mark of lost innocence and heartbreak. To the age of maturity, where life experiences have developed knowledge and […]