April 18th Marks The Big 45

As I sit here this morning reminiscing about the last 45 years of my life, I am humbled to share this day with some great events of the past and some not so great.  Such as Gene Autry’s Back in the Saddle Again and the great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. […]

Teens Seeking advise

So today a rather odd thing happened to me. I had some teens come to me seeking advice and asking me to do something about a situation they find themselves or one of their friends in. I sat and listened to everything they had to say. Yet, I […]

Inchoate Dream

I had an inchoate dream last night. One I would rather forget. Unpleasant and scary, this dream or vision as it really was, only lasted a few seconds. I was riding in the passenger seat of my SUV. I can see the tan dash in front of me with […]

Mother Earth’s Breaking Point

Like a bridge or building with very distinct weight limits, Mother Earth cries out under the pressure we place upon her, Her soil now giving way to massive cracks and sinkholes, Thunderous storms, floods, and phenomenon occur, Tears rain down as water, lava, fire, and hail, Her moods grow impatient as […]

Open Mic Night Series

We all have them in our life, you know the special people that brighten your day simply by being there. For me, it is my children. But this post is all about my daughter which is where I will place my focus. This girl was singing as soon […]

A Victim Shaming Society

WXYZ-TV Channel 7 (Detroit) ran this story tonight about Concussions and Brain Injuries. It brought up some pent up emotions and thoughts that I have to let out.  Because for months I have been victim shamed into feeling guilty for wanting justice and compensation for an injury caused […]

My Empathic Self

I cry for you. Real tears of anguish and pain. My heart hurts and my soul is in a state of unrest. The emotion is real, the pain is there, the sentiment is true. I feel myself sinking deeper into the abyss hand in hand, falling side by […]


FEAR!!! The overwhelming sensation that causes alarm, panic, agitation, anxiety, and worries over something or someone that you feel will cause harm. This sensation, this feeling, this emotion, whatever you want to call it; can protect you if you trust your gut when there is a true threat. […]