Cyranny’s Party

In an effort to connect with the community, I am sharing/reblogging Cyranny’s post about week party in the cove. This is a place where all of us bloggers can come chat, share our links and get to know one another. At the time I had posted my comment […]

Our Stoic Nature As Writers

Scrolling through all of the blog posts here on WordPress, I am amazed at how many writers/bloggers start their stories with a line something like this, “I have been staring at this screen for hours wondering what to write today.”  You see, I myself have done this many […]

Arranger of Words

Several months ago I had the following comment left on one of my posts. In today’s article, I would like to try and respond and apologize to the commenter for my absence and taking so very long. I see that you are an arranger of words orchestrating thought […]

Winter’s Chill

The morning air filled with a piercing shrill, As Winter’s wind smites the earth with her chill, Dancing snowflakes plummet from the sky, People peering out the windows, sigh. Mother Nature covers the ground with skill, Rooftops, fields, and roads all foot the bill. This December blizzard mystifies, […]


Memories I failed to take any photos of my yesterday and today as well. Other than in my head where those memories reside, I shall have no physical proof barring the stories I tell. Tucked away ever so neatly in a section of my brain they hide, I […]


via Daily Prompt: Sympathize Sympathize SYmpathize SYMpathize symPathize symPAthize symPAThize symPATHize! Sympathize = The path to understanding the emotional state of a fellow human being and what they are going through good or bad, happy or sad. The key to successful human contact between two parties. The PATH to […]

I Am Back

After several months of dealing with a TBI/Concussion and lots of therapy, I am finally able to sit at the computer and write again without getting a migraine. This excites me because being a writer and not being able to write is horrible. I have missed being here […]

Therapy Stigma and Mental Illness

So for the first time in over 7 years, I started therapy again this week. Not physical therapy, but rather physiological. I hesitated and refused therapy because of the socially negative impact it would have on my life. For some reason, there is a stigma against therapy or […]

Shining a Special Light

A few weeks ago I shared a story with all of you about my daughter and what a boy did to her. I have also shared in other articles that she has been bullied pretty much all of her life. To this day she feels like an outcast […]