Daily Prompt – Simplify

via Daily Prompt: Simplify Simplify Reducing down these thoughts in my head that overwhelm and take control Self-doubt manifests in daily decisions Leaving scars to mark my soul I render my thoughts to the reasons why I allow this self-doubt to creep in Pausing for a moment I take […]

Empty Bowls 2018

Every year for the past 8 years the Saline Area Schools rallies together with the community to fight hunger in Washtenaw County. They do this by holding an annual Empty Bowls Campaign where they offer a night of food, entertainment and good company for all those who attend. […]

Cheynoea and the Poopy Day

To say yesterday was a very bad day would be an incorrect phrase. Instead, I will say that yesterday was a very MOODY day. I woke up in a right fine mood laughing and joking with my daughter and my roommate’s son as I drove them to school. However, […]

Cyranny’s Party

In an effort to connect with the community, I am sharing/reblogging Cyranny’s post about week party in the cove. This is a place where all of us bloggers can come chat, share our links and get to know one another. At the time I had posted my comment […]

Our Stoic Nature As Writers

Scrolling through all of the blog posts here on WordPress, I am amazed at how many writers/bloggers start their stories with a line something like this, “I have been staring at this screen for hours wondering what to write today.”  You see, I myself have done this many […]