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Appalled at My Government Policy

I typically stay out of politics. I rarely discuss my viewpoints with anyone. I have no party affiliation and have only voted a handful of times in my adult life. I LOVE my country, I want to make that perfectly clear. But I detest, absolutely detest what my […]

BUT … BUt … But … but …

This one little three letter word carries an immense amount of meaning behind it.  I would but … I am overwhelmed. I can but … rejection would hurt too much. I will but … I hate the thought of it. It can’t hurt but … I don’t think […]

Featuring Interesting Blogs

Due to recent changes in this blog-o-sphere we reside in, I have found myself with an increasing need to help my wonderful community. Hence, my post yesterday about starting a Friday COMMUNITY POOL. In an effort to continue this forward motion, I have also decided to start a […]

LIFE = A cook in a kitchen

Life tends to be like a cook in a kitchen. The simplest blandest and most tasteless meals are boxed microwave dinners, that take only seconds to make. All the greatest and most delicious meals, take time to simmer for that robust flavor to shine through and start… by […]

Mindfulness Within Me

In recent years, we hear the word “Triggered” used all the time. This is an example of people living in their emotional mindset. They hear or see something and claim being triggered in an emotionally negative way.

Building Good Relationships

Wether you are young or old, introverted or extroverted, new to an area or have lived there a long time, you desire to build friendships and make connections to other people. Sticking with the theme of my last post on Validation vs. Invalidation I wish to now discuss how […]

Patterns- Validation vs. Invalidation

Searching the internet on any given day and reading the many blog posts & news articles and watching videos you come across, it is easy to notice some patterns where the human psyche is concerned. These patterns are repeated the world over without prejudice to race, religion, gender, […]

Teens Seeking advise

So today a rather odd thing happened to me. I had some teens come to me seeking advice and asking me to do something about a situation they find themselves or one of their friends in. I sat and listened to everything they had to say. Yet, I […]